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Download SCalc 1.0.2101



Download SCalc


System Requirements  
  •  Windows Mobile 2003 SE for Smartphone or above
  •  ActiveSync 3.x, Mobile Internet, or Mobile email to download cab file on Smartphone


  •  Download file on your PC
  •  If you have previous version running on your device, please stop it using Start -> Resource Manager -> Task Manager.
  •  Connect your Smartphone using ActiveSync 3.x.
  •  Click Explore in your ActiveSync and copy into \Temp folder    of your mobile device.
  •  Start File Manager on your Smartphone, navigate to  \Temp folder and run
  •  You can also click link in your Pocket IE and run file from web page, or open attachment if you received it in email.
  •  Follow short installation instructions, and see SCalc program in your Start menu.

Short usage instructions

  •  Keyboard functions the same way as in standard Windows Mobile calculator
  •  Use "0".."9" keys to enter numbers,
  •          "*" key for decimal point ".",
  •          "#" key to scroll through often used operators,
  •           Action key, or Send key to calculate the expression,
  •           Back key to erase last result, operator, function, or digit of operand,
  •           Left, Right keys for left and right brackets,
  •           Up, Down keys allows you to scroll the screen,
  •           Hold "2" key in Hexadecimal mode to get "A", "B", or "C" digits,
  •           Hold "3" key in Hexadecimal mode to get "D", "E", or "F" digits,
  •  Left menu allows you to select function or operator depending on the position in the expression. In hexadecimal mode it allows you to get hexadecimal digits.
  •  Hexadecimal and Binary systems allow Integer operations only.
  •  Operand converted from another number system has ".", or ".00" (in decimal system) at the end. Back key removes the whole converted operand.
  •  You can make further calculation with the result you have in previous expression. Just select operator and continue calculations.
  •  You can start new expression after you got the result. Just type new number or select new function and continue calculations.


Clear - clears all calculation history
Operators/Functions - displays dialog to select corresponded item. This function is available in left menu depending on expression context
Exp - inserts exp number into expression. It displays as "e" in your expression.
PI - inserts PI number into expression. It displays as "PI" in your expression.
Number system - Binary, Decimal, or Hexadecimal system selection. Right after selection all  the expressions display operands and results in the selected system.
Angle system - switches between Degrees and Radians. It affects the result after you pressed Action or Send button to calculate the expression.
Precision - switched between Windows Default and Full precision of the result output. Internally it has the same value and does not affect further calculation with the result.
About - displays About dialog with the version number of the product.


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Last modified: 04/05/07