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Handango, Airfagev, Users

SCalc 1.0 is listed on Handango.com and Airfagev.com

08/24/2005 -- SCalc has been listed on Handango.com as free software. For the first day it gets more than 100 downloads. See it right there... along with other mobile applications.

08/24/2005 -- Airfagev.com announced SCalc as Featured Freeware. You can always get more news in mobile world visiting their web site.

08/25/2005 -- We received first emails with your kind words about the product, found issues, your suggestions and thoughts we will try fixing and implementing in the nearest releases. Thank you for this valuable emails! We are really happy that you are using our product, and this is the better reward for us!

09/13/2005 -- SCalc has been published at Smartphone.net. It is free software. You may click here to get it from there.

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Last modified: 04/05/07