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SCalc 1.0
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SCalc 1.0.2101




[New!]10/25/2005 -- Approximately 6000 copies of SCalc is downloaded within first two months after product was released.

10/02/2005 -- SCalc 1.0.2101 Minor fix has been released. Now it works faster and has exit menu option. See more information on the issue and link to download new version. Click here to go to download page.

09/24/2005 -- More than 3500 copies of SCalc is downloaded within the first month after product was released.

09/13/2005 -- SCalc has been published at It is free software.

08/25/2005 -- We received first emails with your kind words about the product, found issues, your suggestions and thoughts we will try fixing and implementing in the nearest releases. Thank you for this valuable emails! We are really happy that you are using our product, and this is the better reward for us!

08/24/2005 -- announced SCalc 1.0 as Featured Freeware. You can always get more freeware programs for your smartphone and find latest news in mobile world visiting

08/24/2005 -- SCalc 1.0 has been listed on as free software. For the first day it gets more than 100 downloads. See it right there... along with other mobile applications.

08/24/2005 -- Establishes Internet Presence



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