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Download SCalc 1.0.2101



SCalc Description



Download SCalc 1.0.2101

Decimal calculations.      Hexadecimal calculations.  Converted to Decimal.

SCalc is a calculator with extended functionality. The idea is to keep history of your actions and allow you to change it as you would do it on paper.

Key Benefits

  •  Calculation history
  •  Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Binary calculations
  •  Degrees and Radians for angles
  •  The same keyboard layout as standard Windows Mobile calculator
  •  Allows you to make changes in the actions you made
  •  Predefined Exp and PI numbers for scientific calculations
  •  Wide range of operators and functions, more is coming in next releases

Product manual and download link are on product description page.



    Binary calculations.         Current set of operators.    Current set of functions.



Last modified: 04/05/07